Our selection of fresh fruits


We also have a very large strawberry field that will allow you to get delicious strawberries for a long time thanks to our new installations. We have the early strawberries that will generally start growing at the beginning of June. Then will grow the regular strawberries from June to July after a short break, and finally the late autumn strawberries will appear mid-August and you can pick them until the first winter frosting. We have nearly ten varieties that will allow you to surely bake the best pies and make delicious jams.



We have more than 500 pear trees of a Flemish beauty. These pears, with their very unique vanilla taste and melting and juicy texture are way better tasting than the Bartlett variety and will be sure to ravish you. You can pick them as of September 15th, a little before they reach maturity and thus, you can keep them in the refrigerator or in a cold chamber until January. All you have to do is take a few out at a time and let them get ripe, gorgeous and juicy before enjoying them.



We currently have three raspberry varieties and you can pick them from July to October. Our raspberries are delicious and naturally ripe to offer you the best of nature. Our raspberry field is fitted for you to be able to pick the fruits and enjoy them on the spot. Of course, since the raspberry plant is covered in little spikes so make sure you wear long sleeves shirts. We also offer raspberries in the shop!



Blueberry picking is usually possible from July to August. We have two varieties to satisfy you. A few minutes only are required to fill your basket and your belly because here, they are big and bold. Our installations will welcome you in season and offer you the best of blueberries: fresh, delicious and tasty!



Mont-Royal blue plums are one of the most popular variety. Their sweet taste as well as their yellow and juicy flesh will enchant you! They are also excellent to bake with. Available as of August, the quantities are very limited and the demand is high so make sure you verify if they are available before coming to visit us.


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