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Products from our store

Our products are cooked on site from freshly picked fruits, they are offered to you to eat on site or to take home, to share during your meals with family or friends and even to give as a gift.

Of course, in addition to the tastiest fruits, we offer you a large selection of vegetables all year round to help you complete your shopping. We also offer a box of fruits and vegetables which allows you to save a lot on the price of vegetables and offers you a different selection every week.

Here are some processed products that you can find with us:

Assorted compotes (apples & strawberries; apples & raspberries; apples; pears)

Natural juice (apples; apples & strawberries; apples & raspberries; apples, cranberries and pears)

Apple butter

Jams (7 varieties)

Jellies (5 varieties)

Fruit syrup (5 varieties)

Apple cider

Honey (5 varieties)

Maple products

Meats (Dunham meat and grain-fed chicken)

Breads and waffles

Pies (18 varieties)

Crisps and pastries


Prepared dishes

Fresh eggs

Wide variety of squash

In short, everything to satisfy the foodie in you!

Our Pies & Pâtés

Economical Fruit & Vegetable Boxes

*Fruits and vegetables change every week

Our Compotes

Our Fresh Juices

Waffles & Crumbles

We offer gift wrapping for all occasions!

Jams & Marinades

Our Syrups

We have various gift baskets, each one more delicious than the last. They are perfect for various occasions: as a host gift, as a birth gift, during the holidays and much more. We also offer corporate baskets. Everything to make people happy!

Reception Room Rental

Reception room rental: our enchanting location can now welcome you and your family for a reception thanks to our brand new reception room that can accommodate 100 to 150 people. Contact us for a quote.